After years of consistent effort and insistence on high quality, The Natural Supply Corporation has achieved a leading role in the beauty and personal care and Shopping bags/ handbags industry.

At the same time, we are committed to quality of life. Development of environmentally friendly household items.

Innovation and integrity are the keys to our success in the market. The Natural Supply is dedicated to developing new product for the market, not only to promote your business, but also to bring relaxation and comfort to all your consumers.

We also offer the highest quality products and efficient service to our valueable customers .Our well trained QA team is always on-site ensuring the quality of our products. Total customer satisfaction is the focus of sales department who are always at your service.


Enterprise belief


1. Aigang is dedicated and people-oriented.

2. All employees are partners who share the profits of the company.

3. Please encourage your partners.

4. Communicate frankly with each other.

5. Thank our colleagues for everything they do for the company.

6. Success should be celebrated, and failure should not be bothered.

7. Listen to the opinions of every employee in the company and open up your mind.

8. Do better than customers expect.

9. Save every penny for your customers, which can create new competitive advantages for you.

10. Go up against the current and find another way to disdain traditional concepts.

11. Honesty, trustworthiness and practical results; seeking truth and pragmatism, and striving tenaciously.

Enterprise core values


Hainabaichuan, convergence industry;

Independent innovation, integration of multiple products;

Beyond everyday, pursue elegant life;

Create brilliance and benefit to society.